A Bigger Feminist: Beyoncé or Maggie Parker?

I am highly wary of the term feminism. I’ve found those that practice this particular ideology don’t seek equality, but rather want power. I can’t even bear to read most articles on the topic. Like this one, titled Beyoncé is my kind of feminist,

Beyonce performs with Destiny's Child
Beyonce performs with Destiny’s Child

According to Neil McCormick, this song is “cringe inducing, with lots of sensuous moaning about the ways in which the trio will serve their man”. I’m surprised he didn’t make more of the fact that Beyoncé is calling her next tour theMrs. Carter Show(Jay Z’s official surname) – as this surely further fuels his limited argument about what it is to be feminist and the fact that Beyonce surely cannot be one. By his logic this display of hers, showing off that she is happily married to a man, Beyoncé must surely get some feminist points deducted?

So here is it again. The same old myth: that in order to be a feminist, you have to live a life solely dedicated to publicly airing your feminist views, only talking about power of women (never men) whilst burning your entire underwear drawer.

I find it interesting that a female bull rider named Maggie Parker is in the news:

Ms Parker became professional last June after tackling a bucking bull for the full eight seconds needed to qualify as a pro. She relocated to Santa Maria, California, where she is being trained by top mentor Gary Leffew.

Maggie Parker, trained by Gary Leffew
Maggie Parker, female bull rider

Her current percentage of staying on bulls is 35-40 per cent – which is a normal average for professional riders.

But despite winning plaudits as a female in a predominantly male sport, Ms Parker said she still faces difficulties in being accepted – especially when she gets bucked off a bull.

“They [men] say, ‘This is why girls shouldn’t ride bulls and girls aren’t made for this,'” she said, adding: “But it all depends on the person.

“You’re either a good bull rider or you’re not. It takes a long time to gain people’s respect and get treated the same as the men.

“Sometimes it’s been harder for me because when you’re learning how to ride a bull you’re going to get bucked off – and you’re going to get hurt. It’s just not going to look very pretty while you’re riding.”

The bottom line: to get respect, show proficiency in your field. Or show character in learning how to excel in whatever profession you work in. The best kind of respect is that which is earned. That has nothing to do with birth, race, gender, any of that. Another hint: if you are always respectful, you will be respected. If for no other reason than people admire those that are respectful.

15 thoughts on “A Bigger Feminist: Beyoncé or Maggie Parker?”

  1. I agree Coffeypot; very well done that woman. I hope she makes a go of it in such a tough environment. Her competitors will certainly make her life as uncomfortable as riding the bull…

    Yours Aye.

  2. I have never understood why being feminine was not agreeable to feminist. It seems the whole point is to have the freedom to be and do what you want. If Beyonce wants to be a wife and mother, that is great. Although, I have to say that I was not pleased with her half-time performance – rather sluttish if you ask me.

    As for Maggie, she should do well as a bull rider. Bull riders are usually small, wiry folk. It does take athletic ability that women would probably do well at. It certainly does not take lots of brain power – men or women.

  3. My opinion on Beyonce’ is that she’s a celebrity and unfortunately, a slut….she might be an attractive woman, but she still behaves like a whore….and sad to say that’s her only claim to fame…I don’t know about Maggie but we can wish her well and luck (she’ll need it)…bull riding is probably not something most women are physically equipped to handle if the truth be known…but if she’s willing to try, that is noteworthy….

    And as far as feminism goes, I’ve always felt it a sore subject…emasculating men is hard work and then at the end of the day, these feminists only find themselves with other power mad women….maybe that’s when they decide they don’t need men….delusional, I may add and sadly….you never can advance yourself as a human being denying the reality of the other half of the human race….k

    1. I have found that many of my high school and college friends who drank the feminist Koolaid all had remarkably similar “flight paths” in life.

      Most dabbled in lebianism but found that lesbian relationships have similiar / same relationship problems as hetero-couples – despite feminist propaganda.

      Most went through a period where they were “feminist activists” – whereby what ever pain or anger they felt was used by feminist organizations. What I mean is they were constantly re-reminded that they should be angry with men, had all their previous (platonic or sexual) relationships re-written throught a feminist lens, and were kept angry and NOT HELPED TO HEAL until they became burnt out and realized that they were being used.

      And eventually when they finally broke from the herd they were in their mid-30’s to early 40’s, hadn’t had a normal, fulfilling, non-political/power dynamic relationship in over a decade, and were still very bitter. While, as with most people (male or female) they’d rather eat broken glass than admit they were wrong, duped, used, and lied to – these women I knew were emotionally in their 20’s (as this detour had severely stunted their growth a people for a decade), and were trying to find love.

      I mean, I have seen it over and over and over – and these were nice girls / women who were happy. Granted, yes, some unhappy (or even horrible) event happened in all their lives during some relationship – which seems feminists go trolling for footsoldiers in “healing workshops / victim’s advocacy” areas.

      What angers me is this: If I break my arm and go to the hospital, it is the doctor’s ethical duty to fix my arm as quickly as possible – and maybe some follow up, but it is NOT ethical to make me re-live my arm breaking over and over and over and keep me in pain and anger for his own political benefit.

      And that is exactly what I have seen feminist groups do to many of my friends: keep them angry, isolated, scared, and in pain purely for “the cause” – it’s sickening.

  4. CP: Haha. RGR that. No more Beyonce posts (this week.)
    EB: That is no bull.
    Lou: I one hundred percent agree. I am all for equal rights.
    Kris: You just hit it on the head, they find themselves with power-mad women. Or passive women. . .

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