Salwa Amin, Arab Girl

I always cringe when I hear imams or middle-eastern “leaders” saying the West is a corrupting force upon their youth. Part of my cringe comes from the fact that an open-society engenders certain negative aspects, like drugs. But having a closed society goes against our establishment. And when I see an Arabic girl, like Salwa Amin, from the MTV show Buckwild, arrested for drugs, I know this will get play over there:

Salwa Amin, Arabic girl on MTV's Buckwild
Salwa Amin, Arabic girl on MTV’s Buckwild

The “Buckwild” star who was busted in a drug raid was cowering in a shed when the you-know-what hit the fan, and cops allegedly hauled in a bunch of drugs and money … TMZ has learned.

The Police Chief in Summersville, West Virginia tells us officers arrested Salwa Amin and 2 other men after an extensive day of surveillance.

According to the chief, his drug task force got a tip that a “shipment” would be delivered to the home in Nicholas County sometime on Sunday.

The chief says they observed a lot of foot traffic coming in and out of the house — and says the people were only staying for very brief periods of time … so they immediately obtained a search warrant, and then launched the raid.

Salwa, Shawn L. Booker and Jason D. Jones — who owns the home — were found hiding in a shed in the backyard, according to the chief.

Amin could also be an Indian name. Let’s hope this stays out of the foreign press.

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  1. She’s not Arabic you dolt, Arabs wouldn’t lower themselves like this chick, she’s either Indian or Bengali

    1. BS…
      As an Englishman I can tell you that Arabs do lower themselves in such a way, and when I say lower, I mean ‘lower’; lower than the word ‘hypocrisy’ written on a stone placed in a deep hole in the ground!

      Up to the months leading up to Ramadan, London & Paris is packed to the ‘gunwales’ with rich Arab youths of both sexes who have flown in from their own countries to practice and live the western way.

      Flash cars and arrogance in daylight, with the elite clubs of London/Paris nightlife absorbing the Arab ‘girls’ into full western culture; bare heads, bare legs and tight little skirts. For both sexes drink and drugs is rife among them.

      (The flash cars are flown over from the Arab states to allow these youths to ‘flash’ wealth and arrogance). Which simply causes amusement and hilarity to the general public at large!

      When caught breaking the law, those fortunate enough to carry influence (and a diplomatic passport) simply get sent home without appearing in court (though their circumstances are registered in both countries).
      Those lower down the chain unfortunate enough to come from a rich family without influence; have to toe the line, pay the fine and live with a criminal record.
      (Further visits are barred due the record against them).

      What these high living Arabs get up to in Europe would have them flogged or ‘stoned’ (pardon the pun) back home!

      After Ramadan cleanses their souls they are ready once again for their party time. They continue to return out of season (mainly the men folk) to gamble among the top casinos of Europe/London, where upon they also sample the fleshpots from the up market dens of iniquity.
      (If the crime statistics are to be believed, the high end gay escort agencies appear to be a favourite haunt).

      My son acted as Close Protection for a highly influential Arab family. I could go into some pretty embarrassing details (but there is a line to be drawn on this blog). So much so, that my son and others decided enough was enough and terminated their contract.

      I could go on about hypocritical incidents involving Arab, Pakistani, Indian, and Muslims from Iraq, Iran, etc, etc. I could present criminal data ‘live links’ provided through the Courts of Justice, Judicial System that includes names dates, court appearances, etc. But I feel I have said enough on the matter.

      BS… if I were you I would seriously think about filling up the hole you have started digging, remove the stone first though mate!

      Yours Aye.

      1. Not that you need my support on this, Mate, but I’ve witnessned the same during my tour in London and during my tour in Malta. The London Playboy Club used to be atop the Hyde Park Hilton and I can’ ever remember a night where an Arab wasn’t escorted out because he couldn’t keep his hands off the Bunnies. Once they trashed Beirut (the aptly nicknamed Arab “Babylon”), Valetta and it’s upscale neighbors, St. Julien & Sliema became Arab party zones demonstrating the same behaviour you noted above. The Dragonera Casino couldn’t count the money fast enough & shoveled it into British Leyland armoured trucks. Malta used to be a drop ship nexus for drugs coming out of the Caliphate, after Beirut became a war zone, Malta became a drug destination. Want to see Moslems behaving badly? Allow them free rein in a Sharia free zone.

        1. Struan,

          Malta; what a great run shore!

          The island has really cleaned its act up and transformed itself. It has gone backwards in time, to when they held traditions and values of the highest order.


          1. The Maltese are very proud to have been awarded the George Cross for their valour in WWII – it’s a part of their flag.

            Loved my time there. Heaven for a amateur historian.

  2. But those same “imams or middle-eastern “leaders”” have no problems with the heroin, hashish and counterfeit script drugs their countries supply the world with – cry me a BIG freakin’ river.

    I cringe when Islam presumes to preach its hypocrisy veiled in tongue-clucking morality – which is always.

  3. Saget: Hence my last sentence. And you are wrong, you dolt. I’ve known Arab girls exactly like her.
    Struan: Very true. I read that Afghanistan supplies something like 80% of the poppy-seeds for heroin.

  4. Good shout Struan, I totally agree mate. They grow it and the money they receive goes a long way to provide them with the propaganda opportunity, weapons and ammo that are used against our own.

    ‘Celeb’s and drugs are an international disease as they generally go hand in hand. Sad as it is, these people are now today’s role models to the young (though not in this Englishman’s castle)!

    Fortunately this woman’s career is over, which simply provides a gap for the next ‘actress’ to step into.

    Yours Aye.

    1. You can tie celebrity to terrorism. That is, terrorists use drug money to finance their mayhem. And celebrities encourage the drug culture.

  5. All of you are so right…these ‘practicing’ Muslims of the upper echelons of Middle Eastern culture and extreme wealth (oil money) are quite hypocritical when you get right down to it…I recall when I was stationed in London as well, Struan, the Navy Building was surrounded by buildings where wealthy Arabs lived in and around Grosvenor Square….and they with all their money continue to look down on the common people and spout more nonsense about Islam, as if they’re good Muslims who actually do support terrorism with their money…,and to them they are ‘good’ Muslims because they do…no surprise there, is there??…k

    1. I wish we still had London as a duty station. Shame that we don’t. ANd you are right about certain “folks.” I’ve witnessed it first hand.

  6. With respect to drugs, I’ve read that the Mexican drug gangs work with Muslim terrorists. The Mexicans illegally cross the border to sell drugs, not just from South America, but from the Middle East where they buy it from al-Qaeda-linked groups. So that a good portion of money from the U.S. that pays for drugs, also pays for terrorist activities.

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