Air Force Peer Pressure

Will publishing pictures of out-of-reg uniforms force the offenders to change? Maxwell Air Force Base tried it, albeit briefly:

One base’s push to use peer pressure by singling out airmen for uniform violations lasted just a few days before deciding to use staged photos instead of pictures of actual airmen on base.

In the end, they wanted to focus on violations, not violators.

7 thoughts on “Air Force Peer Pressure”

  1. That’s a pity. After college I thought about going back in through OTS. The recruiter had green armpits. This is not so much of a problem while wearing BDU’s. He was in blues.

  2. I remember once when I was in the USAF and the tan 1505 uniforms were still being worn. It was late in September. IIRC, we didn’t switch to winter uniforms until 1 October.

    We had a retirement parage for some Colonel. We were “encouraged” to attend. Uniform was 1505s. The day of the parade came with temperatures dropping into the 40s. Everyone arrived, shivering, wearing 1505s—except for all those on the reviewing stand. They wore blues while the rest of us stood at parade turning blue.

    The base commander issued orders switching us to winter uniforms that afternoon—four days early.

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