Salem Zahrani and Asaad Bshara Throw Down

If you like contentious television, you may want to check out this near-fight between Salem Zahrani and Asaad Bshara on Hezbollah’s al-Manar television station:

Salem Zahrani and Asaad Bshara
Salem Zahrani and Asaad Bshara

Two Lebanese guests on a political program scuffled late Friday over the crisis in Syria during a live broadcast on Hezbollah’s Al-Manar television station.

The heated debate between Salem Zahrani, who heads a Lebanese media center and is known for his supportive stances for President Bashar Assad, and Asaad Bshara, who opposes the government in Damascus, almost turned violent during the program that was dedicated to the crisis in Syria.

The argument between the two culminated with Zahrani flinging two glasses at his opponent, prompting the host to intervene before the show was taken off air.

“Some people talk about Syria in a hypothetical manner just like your guest here who turns on Al-Arabiya [TV] and Al-Jazeera and reads a website [to get information on Syria] while I know Syria in person and that’s why I can talk about it,” Zahrani said.

“What level of dialogue is this? You watch [Syria’s pro-regime] Dounia Television and argue with me?” Bshara asked, pointing to the other guest.

It is funny, I used to watch al-Manar to practice Arabic before all the web-streaming options were available. Now, I can just ignore it.

4 thoughts on “Salem Zahrani and Asaad Bshara Throw Down”

  1. Pardon me if I am too simplistic or am approaching this particular incident in what appears that most cursory manner, but sometimes I think this business with the Middle East and all their surrogates has a lot to do with their ‘fifteen minutes of fame’. If only it were that simple….just a random thought thrown in….like most human beings, we all want to be noticed and matter in this life….and sometimes, I think that’s all there is to it….what if terrorism really boiled down to its essentials is all a matter of making a statement?……look at Bill Ayers, an arrogant narcissistic jackass who managed to kill people and is still walking the streets of America…the worst part of his involvement in this country is the influence he has had on the public education system and he shouldn’t have…..I think he should be put away for that alone….but today, he’s an honored academic and that’s the crime he’ll be most remembered for and making the America public stupid so his fellow academics could take over the greatest country in the world…..I think we’re all very stupid for allowing this man to slide… the soapbox…..k

  2. I think they’re all nuts and when they start coming into our front yard (in America) that’s the time to put a stop to it once and for all…if they continue, we start appearing in their front yard and whipping their butts pure and simple….and making it known that if they continue we will proceed to clean their clocks once and for all….k

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