Riot, Rapid Information Overlay Technology

Raytheon’s Riot software (Rapid Information Overlay Technology) is configured to track people’s movements and predict future behavior through mining data from social networking websites. Just as long as it does not spy on blogs. And determine what stories certain bloggers are going to post.

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  1. If people put info out there on the Internet, it is pretty much out there for anyone to do with as they want. I can’t imagine the government wanting to spy on me – life is dull around here, but I do have some rather shady friends :)

  2. FTA – “In December, Riot was featured in a new patent Raytheon is pursuing for a system to gather data on people from social networks, blogs and other sources to identify whether they might be a security risk.”

    One – Which entity (or entitites) defines “risk.”
    Two – Who’s security? Political security, economic security, National security?

    Considering that Janet NapolaReno @ Homeland Security has already publicy identified US Military Service Veterans as “possible domestic terrorists,” it would seem that a “securtity risk” could be anyone, any time a govermental or political organization arbitrarily deems it so.

    Scary shit.

  3. “The Obama administration claims that the secret judgment of a single “well-informed high level administration official” meets the demands of due process and is sufficient justification to kill an American citizen suspected of working with terrorists. That procedure is entirely secret. Thus it’s impossible to know which rules the administration has established to protect due process and to determine how closely those rules are followed. The government needs the approval of a judge to detain a suspected terrorist. To kill one, it need only give itself permission.”
    -Adam Serwer, Mother Jones

    (so blatantly obvious even the Kool-Aid Konsumers @ Mother Jones get it)

  4. Struan: Good questions. I get worried when I agree with MJ (Mother Jones, not this blog.)
    CP: Good thing you blog under an alias. . .
    ND: Should an armed drone be dispatched to kill Christopher Dorner? We have to locate him first.
    Kris: It is a strange world. . .

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