Midnight Buffets and LCDR Ollie Hutchinson

How in the good name of all things naval did Lieutenant Commander Ollie Hutchinson get the title of British Royal Navy Liaison Officer on the Queen Mary 2?

4 thoughts on “Midnight Buffets and LCDR Ollie Hutchinson”

  1. I would think this ‘occifer and a gentle hen’ would have been given the role of briefing the crew of the QM 2 as part of the RN strategy for ships traveling too, or through hostile waters.

    It will have been a safety brief with questions and answers lasting no more than a day prior to QM 2 departing. No doubt he will have secured personal telephone numbers of interest for use later!

    Yours Aye.

  2. EB: His shuffleboard game is prolly getting pretty good.
    Old NFO: The midnight buffet and all that, no doubt.
    Kris: His office is on the Lido Deck.

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