LT Christopher Dorner, Not My Navy

The internet is sometimes challenging when it comes to sarcasm or subtlety. I like to joke about Navy lieutenants, but it is mostly tongue-in-cheek. And that can be lost in this medium. I take our naval mission deadly seriously; myself, not as much. Still, reading of Navy LT Christopher Dorner, I get angry. Is there really a Facebook page called I Support Christopher Jordan Dorner? Or LAPD Cop Killer Christopher Dorner Is A Hero? Or even: We Are All Chris Dorner. I understand public support, but is rapper Ab-Soul supporting LT Dorner for publicity reasons? And don’t get me started on Don Lemon and his theory of racism in the LAPD. Chris Dorner is murdering people. . .

6 thoughts on “LT Christopher Dorner, Not My Navy”

  1. Dorner is obviously an intelligent man who knows right from wrong. He has taken the oath at least twice to protect and serve his country as well as his fellow man. Only he knows why he has acted in such a violent manner. He also knows that his actions are wrong and unjustified.

    The ill disposed are now trying to turn him into a hero, presumably because it is becoming a negative~positive racist thing, dependent upon your ethnic background and skin colour. The civilised view has to be taken from the heart, and not through rose tinted glasses. Murder is murder; the taking of life whether its through carrying a chip on your shoulder to get even, or through just being down right angry is never justified in any case or scenario.
    (I am racially colour blind and I have perfect 20/20 vision).

    I truly hope Dorner does the decent thing and ends it now, either by *taking his own life* or surrendering to the correct authorities.
    (*I do believe in euthanasia*, which is my decision and right to end my life when the time comes, rather than become a burden on my family and society. I am not being hypocritical by stating the previous).

    It is always hoped that any lessons that ‘can’ be learned from these tragic circumstances ‘will’ be turned into education for those that follow.

    Incidentally; Yesterday I watched a news article on SKY news where the Mayor of a small mountain town spoke to the cameras. I was impressed with his attitude and the way he played down the manhunt in his area; he stated that almost every local citizen owned weapons, and that they were not worried about the possibility of Dorner being in the area. Obviously the 2nd amendment has it uses (said tongue in cheek).

    Dorner is a Game keeper turned Poacher, the odds against his survival are dropping by the hour.

    Yours Aye.

  2. He most certainly is a murderer but I have to say that the view from Cleveland of the police overkill in SOCAL is proof that the cops are the ones totally out of control and game to kill anybody that crosses their path in a truck that looks like Dorner’s and I read that one was found burned out days ago.

  3. The man is a killer, plain and simple…and Ex Bootneck, he’s already announced he supports leftist causes and his heroes are mainstream media types like Walter Cronkite, Anderson Cooper, Chris Matthews, ad infinitum….we know which the way the wind blows with the likes of him…he’s murdered three innocent unsuspecting human beings and seems to be proud of it….so any sympathy he gets is from the type of left wing wackos that exist out their from the right and left coasts….I don’t sympathize with him, feel sorry for him or even believe he’s any sort of ‘Navy’ kind of guy…he isn’t and I guess that was Navy One’s point all along…the man got fired from the LAPD for something he said or did and there’s probably a long history to go with it. So we hope it ends soon either with his capture or execution but end it will one way or the other….k

  4. EB: And they just publicized a million dollar reward for LT Dorner’s capture.
    Curtis: I always give the police the benefit of the doubt. But this is straining their credibility.
    Kris: Now that was a truly crazy manifesto.

  5. Dorner is just a POS. Period. No matter what the reason, he has turned against everything the swore to uphold. Hopefully he will die soon…and hard.

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