Harlem Shake, Army Style

Your latest dance craze is called the Harlem Shake. And here is a version with a foreign Army busting it out. I don’t think I have the funk:

Harlem Shake, Army version, by Baauer
Harlem Shake, Norwegian Army version, by Baauer

Look at the guy, third column from the left, fourth guy back. He’s got the funk.

5 thoughts on “Harlem Shake, Army Style”

  1. My husband is in Norway right now. I will tell him to watch for this – especially the guys in their sleeping bags wiggling in the snow – kind of weird.

    1. Neat (that your husband is up in Norway now.) It is a little strange, but these guys are in the Army. Ground doggies are a different breed.

  2. Obviously these ‘cod heads’ have far too much free time on their hands… It will probably set a new military trend off and create hours of enjoyment for the Taliban and their like.

    Yours Aye.

  3. And you have to remember everyone, this is what America has to look forward to: a social democracy…I remember years ago when the topic of discussion was why the Danish military allowed their service members to wear hair nets….and I imagine the Norwegian military is another social democracy…they use their military for social purposes….rather what Hillary Clinton wanted and expected of the American military when she and Bill resided in the White House…..think about that…k

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