VL Destino = Corvette + Fisker Karma

The VL Destino took a highly tuned Corvette engine and plunked it into the Fisker Karma body. Eco-greenies are probably not too pleased, but at least the VL Destino will not catch on fire like the hybrid Fisker did: 

VL Destino
VL Destino = Corvette engine and Fisker Karma body

I still like the tech of the K-MAX better though. . .

4 thoughts on “VL Destino = Corvette + Fisker Karma”

  1. ND: Good stuff. Look at that HUK-1. And I remember the SH-2, it was in service not too long ago. I’ll bet you enjoyed that billet. . .
    Old NFO: Karman coffins is better than Karman Ghia, I suppose.

  2. One of the best assignments that I had in the adventure. When I was a PO-3/PO-2 in the Helo Dets flying in and maintaining the HUPs and HUKs I always wanted to be the Det Chief and now twenty years later I was one. It was a tough job but we had a great crew, a super PO-1 crew leader ( he made Chief the next time up ) and four realy good Officers. I can think of no better place for a Chief to do his Chief stuff than as a Helo Det Chief on a small boy. Hope the H-60 sailors have the same opportunity that I did.

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