Linguistic Nerds Get Some

Google Russian keyboard
Google Russian keyboard

As a Navy linguist, the lack of keyboards in foreign languages was often frustrating. Google has put its big brain to the task and come up with the IME:

In addition, you can now use Google’s Input Method Editors (IME) to convert your keystrokes to Asian characters. This, says Google, means you won’t “find yourself limited by the language of your keyboard.”

Thanks to the virtual keyboards, which support languages like Arabic, Hebrew, Thai and Korean, Gmail now supports typing in 75 languages. The Input Method Editor currently supports Pinyin and Wubi IME’s for Simplified Chines and Pinyin and Zhuyin/Bopomofo IME’s for traditional Chinese and Japanese.

Language nerds, get some. . .

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  1. I see. Kinda like why learn the multiplication tables when they can use calculators in the class room now? But if it accurate and make the job easier…who am I to question. But, hey, does Google IME have a converter to help outsiders learn redneck?

  2. Having ‘eaves dropped’ a conversation from a party of ‘hip-hop’ inner city Londoners yesterday in my mates cafe; I just wish they would make the Queens English compulsive in this country.

    Get my ink bro’

    Yours Aye.
    (Grinding his teeth still).

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