Egypt YouTube Blocked

More than fifty people in twenty countries have died as a result of the protests against the YouTube video, the Innocence of Muslims. And today, Judge Hassouna Tawfiq, ordered YouTube blocked for thirty days. The money shot: Lawyer Mohammed Hamid Salim, who filed the case against the Egyptian government, alleged the film constitutes a threat to Egypt’s security, adding that YouTube refused to remove the film despite its offensive content. Wow, that is a fragile government if a lousy movie can threaten it. Even though our politicians never do this in the United States, I have a feeling this is just a distraction from real issues, like rampant sexual assault. Or the sputtering economy.

8 thoughts on “Egypt YouTube Blocked”

  1. I wonder just what part of “freedom of speech” the Muslim Brotherhood doesn’t really comprehend?

  2. But Clark how much does our First Amendment right of free speech mean when the Obama administration has already silenced one film maker of a video trailer about Mohammed is still rotting in jail???…k

  3. Kris,
    I agree with you entirely. I’m afraid that, due to the present administration (perhaps “regime” would be a better term now), we’re becoming Egypt. I cannot understand why that video maker is in prison. Where is the ACLU now that they could be of real use for a change?

    Fox News is now on our Supreme Leader’s list for elimination in order to consolidate all news media as his personal Ministry of Propaganda.

    Just as egregious as the video maker rotting in jail, is that we apparently are not pressuring Pakistan to release the doctor who helped us find Bin Laden. He’s been incarcerated for over a year now and being tortured. He’s going to die there if not released soon.

    Let’s hope our lawmakers con do something about these situations.
    Best wishes to you, Kristen,

    1. The ‘true wheels’ of Justice grind very slowly, Clark but they do grind. The ACLU as you are probably very aware are only tools of this administration; what we need is the ACLJ (American Center for Law and Justice)…I have no idea how successful they have been but of course but it’s worth a try….k

  4. Clark: That doctor who helped us find UBL should be a top priority.
    Kris: I love the ACLJ and Jay Sekulow.
    ND: Haha, my sarcasm was too subtle, perhaps.

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