The Cuomo, an AR-15 Magazine

The Cuomo, AR-15 Magazine
Cuomo AR-15 Mag

Defense Distributed’s Cody WIlson is currently testing a printed magazine for your AR-15 rifle, known (tongue-in-cheek) as the Cuomo. I wonder how the New York Governor Andrew Cuomo feels about having this kind of gear named after him. Considering that he just barred ammunition magazines that hold more than seven rounds. Of which, the NRA said: Cuomo seized the opportunity to exploit tragedy and put his own personal politics ahead of sound public policy. I agree, the Governor is a Cuomoist.

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  1. We all know this particular action of the Governor of New York is bound to do more potential harm or as much as the Barbara Boxer fiasco and gun control measure in Congress will do…more people are going to die without any way of protecting themselves from the criminals who pay no attention to the laws in the first and the second place…..these government officials are absolutely clueless and forget this is what Adolph Hitler did in Germany almost eighty years ago to the German people, leaving the Jews defenseless against the government and it allowed 6 million to die in German gas chambers and concentration camps….and then you end up with the epitome of stupidity in one Nancy Pelosi…isn’t she just so brilliant, Navy One and she’s from your state….aren’t you proud???…….k

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