Haley, Tabby, and AC/DC

The Doors sang People are strange, when you’re a stranger. . . and it never was truer than in the case of Haley Morris-Cafiero. The woman takes pictures of herself not to document life events, but to show the world how a fat person is looked at. It is an odd narcissism. She is the head of the photography department at Memphis College of Art and is one of twenty artists represented by the A.I.R. Gallery in New York. And she apparently has a weakness for donuts. (I am not trying to be funny, she confesses it in the story.) Here is an idea for you, Haley, think about your health and forget what you look like. Forget, too, about that fried ball of sugary dough. And since we are on the topic, you might want to read the story of Tabby Kemp. Both Tabby and Haley are featured today over at the Daily Mail. Didn’t AC/DC have song about this?

3 thoughts on “Haley, Tabby, and AC/DC”

  1. I think any exception to the norm stands out, especially when dressed as this lady is.

    If you wish to stand and block a pathway in a public environment you will receive stares. Stand against a wall and watch the world go by, without becoming an obstruction and then view the results.

    The camera does lie, and often…

    Yours Aye.

  2. I commented on the first woman from Memphis while over there; I find it oddly narcissistic and not a very kindly human trait, if the truth be known….self-absorbed seems the common thread in both of these woman’s stories and lives….and there doesn’t seem to be a necessary amount of shame for these attitudes and behaviors….I guess that’s what happens when the differences between right and wrong become blurred and twisted out of all recognition…..honor and duty to oneself also seems sadly lacking….k

  3. EB: She seems so pre-occupied with it. She needs to move around more and stop taking pictures of herself just standing. Honestly, I would only be angry that she was blocking my path. I could care less that she is highly huggable, um, errrr. . .pleasantly plump, uh, nevermind.
    Kris: Agreed. What is the point in what she is doing? Really, she should be getting some exercise. . .

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