Free Clare Niederhauser!

Clare Niederhauser shot at Robert Santos Cruz.
Clare Niederhauser shot at Robert Santos Cruz

Clare Niederhauser was arrested by the Layton police in a Salt Lake City suburb for reckless endangerment. He shot at Robert Santos Cruz after the crook tried to burglarize his home: 

“I can understand the guy getting caught up in the moment, but he’s got some explaining to do,” said Clark Aposhian. “It’s not that he was shooting at the person necessarily, but the reckless endangerment is because he fired his gun when the rounds could have gun anywhere.”

Could have gun anywhere? What an unlikely typo. . .

6 thoughts on “Free Clare Niederhauser!”

  1. It would appear to be a 50/50 call on who was in the right or wrong.

    I would think you are in your rights if you discharge a weapon within your property, or at an individual who was leaving your property who was an obvious threat to you. But letting off rounds at some one fleeing in a vehicle, or at some one on foot on a public highway; sort of smacks of panic shooting?

    There is far too much ‘hollywood movie’ in discharging your weapon recklessly in a target rich ‘innocent civilian’ environment.

    If people knew more about bullet penetration they may appreciate living in a double thickness concrete block & red brick walled house such as we live in over here. I have to use a hammer drill just to hang a picture on the wall!

    Yours Aye.

  2. I actually live across the gully from this family. There is almost no chance he would have hit someone the direction he was shooting. And he was shooting into the ground to scare the thief into stopping. There is dense shrubbery and a wide gully behind this home, not another house or person for a mile or so.

    1. Ty, thanks for the explanation, I rarely believe anything the MSM produces, I try to look at every thing playing devils advocate.

      I truly hope he walks away from this without penalty.


  3. While Niederhauser,s shooting would possibly not comply with Law Enforcement standards for deadly force. The perp was surely on Niederhauser’s property uninvited and posed a threat to the owner.
    The perp would have had an opportunity to come back later and extract vengeance on Niederhauser, so possibly he was fearing for his life.
    Given that no one was in the area and Niederhauser aimed prudently give him another box of ammo and encourage him to take an updated class on lawful shooting.
    Send a message to the perp. If you don’t want to get shot at stay the hell off the property you have not been invited to be on.

  4. I searched on the computer for cops who shot people in their backs and found several of them, I took the information down and will be forwarding this to the prosecuting attorneys office and to Clare If I can find his address .

    It really pisses me off when this stuff happens and they charge the victim, while the cops can go and shoot people in their backs. The Seattle police department has the Dept.of Justice breathing down their backs for Over Use of Force, They have has so many lawsuits against them if is funny.
    King County’s Sherrif office had a 10 million dollar law suit when one of their deputiessmashed in a inocent mans skull with the over use of force and turned this guy into a vegetable, the family was awarded an additional 1.5 million dollars because the county didn’t turn over past paper work on the asshole deputy’s past of over use of force.

    Clare Niederhauser should of never been givin any charge what so ever. I’d bet a million to one the dumb ass that robbed his home has an extensive criminal past. He should of shot him in the back and save the Colorado residents a ton of money.

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