Dogs and Open Windows

I don’t have a dog, but if I did, should I let him/her stick their furry neck out of the window? Scroll down to read this comment: I’ve once shown the sequences of photos to a Vet friend, the humour of my dog enjoying sticking his head out, she warned me that if the dog breathe in it can causes damages to the lungs and inner ears if the car goes fast, mind you there’s also flying debris to think of.

Dog with head out the window.Heck, that looks fun. I’ll bet Caffrey, the grey Persian, would enjoy it too.

3 thoughts on “Dogs and Open Windows”

  1. I absolutely cringe when I see idiots allowing their dogs to gasp air like this.

    May I suggest that after you drive just ten miles at 50 MPH you simply count the dead flies on your windscreen. Then imagine what your dogs eyes have to put up with, let alone through wind burn and minor debris damage.

    It beggars belief as to what other damage can be done to their ear canals as well as their nasal passage, especially on a cool or cold day.

    Do the pictures look so cute now, knowing you are slowly destroying your ‘best friends’ three senses through ignorance?

    It may piss people off, but I will always point out the error of the owners ways when I get the chance too. When they reply “oh, but he loves it, and if we don’t let him do it he just barks” I remind them who is the most stupid for allowing it to happen in the first place.

    Apply the same procedure to children, which seems unbelievable but there are some irresponsible adults who allow it.

    Yours Aye.

    1. You’re absolutely correct, Ex Bootneck…thank you for articulating it so well…I’ve also tried to explain why we cannot allow our dogs to put their heads outside the car window to no effect….perhaps this will allow those who think it’s okay a second hearing…..k

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