A Trainwreck and a Shipwreck

Today is two for the price of one day: Xiao Li asked friend Xiao Qing to take a picture of her on a traintrack. Guess what happened? (The good news is that Xiao survives.) And the shipwreck: the ship, the Sweepstakes, lies at the bottom of Fathom Five National Marine Park.

3 thoughts on “A Trainwreck and a Shipwreck”

  1. Young people are not so smart when it comes to trains. They often have buzz words that they use, and those words become the fad – like “really” or “seriously”. Now they are using “literally” as a buzz word, but often young people use it wrong. Overheard recently was a young person telling a story and then saying, “It was a train wreck; literally!” No, stupid. That should be “figuratively.”

    Although in your story it was “literally.”

  2. Figurative and literal…just shows to go how staggeringly ignorant the young are today….they spend more time in their figurative world, hypothesizing on reality, not realizing it isn’t…..k

  3. Lou: It was, literally. I don’t know why young folks are not smart when it comes to trains. They are fast and can’t stop easily.
    Kris: People need to stop living in virtual worlds, like blogs. (Heheh!)

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