Looking at Military Colleges

Periodically, I get emailed by folks looking to sell something. I don’t think Conrad Yu has anything for sale in this guest post he sent me; I do think, however, the site has some good info:

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If you have a patriot in the family aspiring to become an officer in the military, then you know they deserve to attend the best armed forces academy they can. Yes, West Point is famous and legendary, and everyone knows about it.  But what do people really know about how to get in? It’s easy to forget that the application process for military colleges undergo share similar aspects to applying for regular universities.

Take a look at naval academies like the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis.  It has a 7% acceptance rate (that’s only 1% more inclusive than Harvard), and has an average SAT math score of 650 and an average SAT reading score of 620.  It’s important to know these if you want that acceptance letter in the mail.

There you go, gouge on getting into a military school.

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  1. I never would have made it being the rather less than enthusiastic academic in my younger years….such a shame it took a brush with reality to understand what intellectual superiority in the fields of advanced learning could do for all should you decide to engage wholeheartedly….it surely made a difference for me….k

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