A Navy Chief Who Gets It

The Captain has me and another Officer heading out to various local ships for “customer service.” I enjoy it and usually recognize a shipmate or two. Last’s week visit was no different.

We rolled onto the DDG and to the space where we work. I started off on my usual spiel to the Sailors, what do you like, what don’t you like? Once they understood we were not there to inspect them and that there was no attribution, I filled pages in my notebook on positives and negatives. More of the latter than the former, but such was the job.

About halfway through, a Chief popped into our space. And I knew him. It took me a couple of seconds, but I placed him. He had been a First Class Petty Officer in my division almost seven years ago.

He had been our top Petty Officer and he had not changed. Perfect uniform, same command of our mission. At ease with the Sailors, but clearly a leader, like a savvy older brother. He had gone to Menwith Hill and then deployed since our division.

I then confessed something to him that I had done at his going-away lunch.

You know Chief, I said. At your going-away luncheon, I played at trick on you. 

He looked at me sideways (not particularly liking where I was going with the conversation), but I continued. You got up to go to the head and I told your wife something.


I told her not to tell you, but you were one of our stars. But I made her promise not to say anything to you!

He laughed. After yesterday’s post on a less than stellar Chief, it is joy to share the story of a Chief who gets it. . .

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