Getting Ahead in Life

Tatiana Kozlenko, Penelope Soto, and Lindsey Stone belong to an exclusive club that I would strongly suggest you do not join. One lost her job, the other got thrown in jail, and the third had a Facebook campaign against her.

5 thoughts on “Getting Ahead in Life”

  1. I posted the video of that little air-head twerp on my Facebook page yesterday. I believe she has gotten by on her cute, little girl looks far too long. They are gonna love her in lockup.

  2. Your actions, and the words you speak today, should be respectful, soft and tender; for tomorrow you may have to eat them.

    Yours Aye.

  3. The problem in general with culture today is that too much is open to discussion and too much information is put out there that individuals should keep to themselves and when what people think is given to verbal response, this is the predicable reaction of the ‘powers that be’…..these are things and situations that should never be exposed for reasons of logic and common sense…it’s just never wise to air exactly what you think at every given moment…it does not advance your ideas or your intentions…sad to say, this is another few instances where these people needed to both put up and shut up….k

  4. Kristen is right. There is also a serious lack of respect for authority. Things that kids have gotten away with in high school – habitually late to class, not doing work, back talking and flipping off teachers and each other, etc – will not work well for them in the real world. Back in my teaching days, I brought the DA in to speak to the senior class. They had the idea that they could solve anything by physical force. The DA told the students that once they were 18 things changed, and she “would put their butts in jail.” It made an impression on the kids.

  5. CP: I’ll bet the response was the same as ours. She will not do well in jail.
    EB: Yes, I have eaten a meal or two of my own making.
    Kris: Much too much is put out. Have you seen these things called blogs? Heavens know why this world needs bloggers.
    Lou: Great move. Kind of a “Scared Straight” thing.

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