8 thoughts on “The New Florida Logo”

  1. I got the colour of the tie immediately (or so I thunked)!

    Worth the trip alone …
    Natures own delectable delights from the sunshine state :-)

    Strange isn’t it, how an add on of ‘ism’ to a word can create and reveal such hatred and mixed feeling.

    Yet add it to the name of a fruit or vegetable and what do you get?


    Because fruit & vegetable’s appear to be more intelligent than those exceptional people who take offence over trivial matters, (because there are personal political benefits to be made).

    Yours Aye
    (It’s the voices I tell you, the voices).

  2. Since men only wear a tie now days for church, weddings or work, I think the tie is appropriate symbol for business. What can you use to represent business for women, a bra hanging off the ‘F’? Sometimes I think women try too hard to be special or accepted. The fact is, women are, and have always been, a huge part of the work force. So much so that it is understood that they will be there. The tie is to represent a successful business…not that it is a secret code for men only to come to the state.

  3. Way too many people just waiting for an opportunity to be offended by something … by anything at all. Perhaps Florida could line ’em all up in Daytona, and order them to march east.

  4. The tie thang does not bother me. Florida should keep it. That way, maybe all the crazy women will stay away leaving only sane people to visit FL.

  5. There’s still leftists in Florida, Lou; I point you to Debbie Wasserman Schultz…she still gets elected and lies about who and what she is….amazing isn’t it??…such idiots and a malleable and gullible public still reside there…we can only wish these people would stop suffering from a collective cognitive dissonance…it would really help …it isn’t very helpful to understand the voting public borders on total idiocy….and we, unfortunately are seen as thr ones pointing it out….k

  6. EB: I love oranges and tangerines. Don’t tell anyone in this state (California), but I like Florida oranges more. They are tangier than what we get out here.
    CP: A bra hanging off the ‘F!
    Rev P: No kidding.
    Lou: Now there is a good idea. Crazy people, get out of here!
    Kris: Awwww, do we really have to bring up DWS? What an absolute trainwreck that woman is!

  7. I like the logo…the colors pop and the tie is a smart idea. I don’t understand why anyone would have a problem with this. Sheesh!

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