Cutting the Muster

Sailors muster for quarters on the flight deck aboard Carl Vinson on Saturday in the Pacific Ocean. Vinson is underway conducting sea trials as the final stage of a six-month planned incremental availability.

7 thoughts on “Cutting the Muster”

  1. Muster at the mustard sunset – hope everyone passed muster and cut the mustard. Now let’s discuss mayo vs. Miracle Whip.

    1. Lou, I’m onboard and ready to add my ten pence worth.

      Always, and every time, it’s Coleman’s Mayonnaise for me (reduced calorie).

      Miracle Whip is the ‘cheats’ cheat; too much High-Fructose corn syrup combined with sugar is a hidden killer (a second on the lips is a year on the hips; pollute the heart and your heading for the cart)!

      My body is a temple (though slightly rain & wind damaged on the outside). I avoid sugar and all types of equivalent syrups, which keeps the blood levels true to form.

      Yours Aye.

      1. Coleman’s makes mayonnaise ?? I didn’t know that…I love their mustard; nice and super hot and spicy…here in the States, I have to have real mayonnaise (that would be Hellman’s) and I can’t stand Miracle Whip….so as much as I use mayonnaise, it’s not that much of a problem…it takes six months for us to finish a regular sized jar of mayo…k

        1. Standby for a home-made recipe used by my Grandmother and my Mum.

          (I may have to wait until she is asleep and take the key to the safe from around her neck)!

          Its a little fuss to make it but absolutely delicious.


    1. You haven’t lived Navy One until you’ve tried Coleman’s Hot Mustard…I use it in lieu of the Chinese variety…stoneground has its place and Grey Poupon makes a version that is also delicious …k

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