Cutting the Muster

7 thoughts on “Cutting the Muster

  1. Muster at the mustard sunset – hope everyone passed muster and cut the mustard. Now let’s discuss mayo vs. Miracle Whip.

    • Lou, I’m onboard and ready to add my ten pence worth.

      Always, and every time, it’s Coleman’s Mayonnaise for me (reduced calorie).

      Miracle Whip is the ‘cheats’ cheat; too much High-Fructose corn syrup combined with sugar is a hidden killer (a second on the lips is a year on the hips; pollute the heart and your heading for the cart)!

      My body is a temple (though slightly rain & wind damaged on the outside). I avoid sugar and all types of equivalent syrups, which keeps the blood levels true to form.

      Yours Aye.

      • Coleman’s makes mayonnaise ?? I didn’t know that…I love their mustard; nice and super hot and spicy…here in the States, I have to have real mayonnaise (that would be Hellman’s) and I can’t stand Miracle Whip….so as much as I use mayonnaise, it’s not that much of a problem…it takes six months for us to finish a regular sized jar of mayo…k

        • Standby for a home-made recipe used by my Grandmother and my Mum.

          (I may have to wait until she is asleep and take the key to the safe from around her neck)!

          Its a little fuss to make it but absolutely delicious.


    • You haven’t lived Navy One until you’ve tried Coleman’s Hot Mustard…I use it in lieu of the Chinese variety…stoneground has its place and Grey Poupon makes a version that is also delicious …k

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