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Over the years, as most folks in uniform will echo, I’ve been approached by civilians asking for help getting their friend, family member, or (even) neighbor into the military. Currently, I have three recruits that I am assisting in their initial efforts.

Two are brothers, both in high school. They come from a poorer Mexican family and I work with their female cousin at my current command. Both her husband and her are well-off and want to see something come out of her cousins’ life. And the Navy fits that bill in her eyes.

So I wrote ’em up an email describing Navy ratings, ASVAB, and recruiter tips. I offered to go to the recruiting station with them. Or to talk them through the process. That was ten days ago, with nil heard yet. We shall see. In the meantime, I swing by her desk to ask about her cousins, all the while trying to work on my Spanglish. I have learned two cousins is not: dos cocinasdos cachondas, dos coosuenas, or dos cochinitos. I forget the real word for it, dos primos or something?

Today, near quittin’ time, a new girl stopped by my desk to chat about her brother. He is 18 years old and has had some drug issues. Crystal meth. But from back when he was a juvenile. He has been clean for six months. Do you think you can help him out? I have my doubts, but I emailed my Chief buddy to see what the story is about crystal meth. I also recycled my email to the dos cocinas and sent it to her to give to her brother. If the pictures are to be believed, meth is a nasty drug that steals your soul. Since my major abuse issue is the inability to shake my nasty burrito habit, I have no experience with tweakers (the phrase for the people who smoke crystal meth.)

I wish them all well and fully respect anyone who casts their lot in with the World’s Finest Navy©. We are one small step up from pirates and we revel in it. More to follow on these recruits. It is a tough time to be ajoining the military, and we don’t give away aquaflage for free. But if their heart is in it, they will get in.

Update- Here is the email I sent to my co-worker with the two cousins:

Hi ******,

Great to hear that your two cousins are interested in the Navy! Some good information for them to consider:

-There are many jobs in the Navy, they should start to consider the fields they would want to work in. Here is a link on getting started on the Navy path. And here are the job fields. I am partial to CTs (linguists, signal collectors, signal equipment maintainers, computer network techs, etc), but it depends on their likes and strengths.

-The Enlisted Navy recruiter can be found here. (I inputted 92110 for the area code.) It lists the address as: 940 University Ave, Ste 200 in San Diego, CA 92103 (Telephone: 619-220-5800.) I would be glad to go down to the recruiter with them. (Or chat with them before they go.) I’ve done it before several times with folks.

-A ROTC scholarship, which pays for college and a small stipend, can be found here.

-First, they will need to take the ASVAB. There are great study materials available at Amazon.

My personal email is cc’d above. I am also cc’ing *******. She has a great perspective, considering she is a LCDR and has been in the Navy for some time. Feel free to tell your cousins to email me. I will make myself available for any support they require. . .


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  1. Doesn’t cocinas mean kitchen? You got me…Here in the Dallas area Mi Cocinas is a great restaurant and they’re a franchise….they have a great frozen margarita that will put you under if you drink two of them….anyhow, good luck on the recruiting part …do you get any recognition for doing this??….k

  2. Hmmm . . . it’s been a while since I’ve checked in with Mellowjihadi, and what do I find? You’re be hustled to recruit dopers and fucked up lost youth to join my revered US Navy. Well, I’m of two minds on this. My first impulse it to say, “Sorry, dude(s). We don’t want the scum of our society into our corp of elites.” But I think, then, of how it might ‘scrub them up,’ giving them an elevation of values and devotion to something beyond ‘pleasure of the senses,’ into which our culture is now devolving. Lord knows that our young have no institutions left for such endeavors. (The educational system is now totally hosed from grade school to, and especially, upper level learning to Leftist, anti-American values.) That leaves The Military for re-orientation.
    Or am I simply ‘out of the loop.’?

  3. I had a student who had a drug problem. First she went to some sort of rehab house and got clean. Then she joined the Navy. She did very well (except for all the tattoos). But when she got out of the Navy and went back to her home town and home friends, she fell back into the drug world and bad stuff. Sad.

  4. Kris: It does mean two kitchens. So much for my Spanish! I have heard of Mi Cocinas, but never been. As for recognition, I would not want any. I am just volunteering, seeing if they need any help. I was asked, so I am responding.
    Thom: Bear in mind that I stressed to the second girl that her brother was going to have to tell the recruiter the truth. He may have been tempted to lie, especially if his record was sealed. One of the best Chiefs I worked with was a tough kid from Camden, New Jersey who came up the old way.
    Lou: That is tragic. I love working in the military because we are drug free. Your old student there should have stayed in the Navy. It worked for her.

    1. NavyOne, I take my cap off to you.

      My belief is that every one deserves a second chance in life, and several if needs require it.
      (There are obvious exceptions to the rule of which one category is murder and crimes of the same ilk).

      I once almost burst with pride when I witnessed a ‘scum bag’ enter through the doors of the Commando Training Centre, Royal Marines. And once again nine months later, when he left to join a commando unit with his Green Beret.

      This same ‘little shit’ had been given nothing by his parents, had been failed by his school, as well as the local authorities.

      Yet he was mentored by an Ex Bootneck (a serving police officer) who saw that piece of steel within him, who instinctively knew that there was a special family that would accept him as one of their own once he committed himself.


  5. Well done NavyOne, there are some who would just act the part and do nothing.

    I have commented in the past on how I try and assist local ‘youths’ where possible. Whether right or wrong, I tend to use my past experience to walk them through the right career door, with regards to what service they may well fit in with.

    Just recently I was asked if I would assist my mate’s nephew by speaking of service life as he was looking at the military as a career option, which I readily agreed to do. Up turns an 18 year old that was proportionally ‘over weight’ for his height. The lad was polite, educated and obviously nervous; after a fine pot of tea and small talk I had him sufficiently at ease to discuss his career choice. I asked if he had ever been in a cadet force, of which he replied, “no, but I sort of have military experience as a war gamer”…

    My jaw almost locked in spasm as I clenched it tightly to suppress a laugh; sadly he was deadly serious! Without ridiculing him (and bursting his bubble) I offered as much information as I could. The first decider was for him to commit to losing a few stone (42 Ibs).

    Our next meeting (in a couple of weeks time) is for lunch at the top of ‘Roseberry Topping’ on the North Yorkshire moors (a bring your own and eat it affair)! The topping provides an ideal view for map reading and orientation. It also requires a short sharp burst of energy, as it is a one-mile climb up a steep sloping track 950 feet above sea level.
    (‘Easy peasy’ for a war gamer carrying a few six packs)!

    Yours Aye.

  6. Back in the day the Judge told my “friend” to join the military or go to jail. Worked out well for my “friend” and the Navy. Heard a lot of similar stories, most of the time these kids just need rules that they MUST live by.
    Are these “primos” legal? Hate to waste the recruiters time on illegals when
    Americans and legals are waiting in line.

  7. You know that you cannot save the world or even a few misguided kids. So I won’t tell you. You did do the right thing by opening the door for the two cousins. Now the decision is all theirs. If they accept it, then there will be a very good chance they will have a good life…if not, oh well, you tried. I do have my doubts about the meth guy, though. Someone that stupid probably has no need to be put in a position where fellow shipmates lives may count on him. If he was that weak before, he may not be one to count on when the pressure is on him. I think you should spend your time on more acceptable Navy things like hanging in bars and chasing women.

    1. Geez, CP, I thought our estimable N1, did all of that stuff, sight unseen while keeping America safe for democracy…hanging out in bars and chasing women is old hat and expected …k

  8. EB: I love the Navy so it is natural for me to help folks. As for your war-gamer, I probably would’ve laughed. I commend you on your stiff upper lip. Love the hill link. I want to run it!
    ND: Both primos are legal. I wish judges still put that deal out to boys who have found themselves in a tough spot. Join the Navy or go to jail. You get some good bosuns that way.
    CP: I like helping them out. Even if they don’t join the Navy, they get a little education. As for stupid, the Navy’ll learn ’em. And quick.
    Kris: Hahahaha!

  9. Having worked with disturbed and drug addicted youths I know we can’t save them all. But which ones can’t we save? I try to save each one and the ones that respond give me the greatest joy and the greatest rewards in my life. Sometimes, they just need someone to care. I have seen some who exhibited horrible behavior and then turned it around.

    The discipline of the armed forces is wonderful for many.

    However, if they are dangerous, there needs to be a decent place for them, a place with intensive therapy and we don’t have much for the seemingly lost and dangerous.

    1. When you are in a dark hole surrounded by despair, all you need is a light to give you direction.

      Graffiti on a wall at York station…


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