No More Cuzco for Me!

Scratch the southern Peruvian city of Cuzco off my visit-now list. I don’t want what happened to Jennifer Wolfrom, Meghan Doherty, and Jed Wolfrom (on their hiking trip) to happen to me. And you gotta love the embassy’s response. Why fly the American flag if not to help Americans who were just savagely beaten? Not that I would be traveling right now.

8 thoughts on “No More Cuzco for Me!”

  1. Colombia seemed dangerous both times i went. And Panama had an ominous feeling to it. Of course, it was the 80s!!!!

  2. I was in Panama in the latter part of the 1980s; I never really got the feeling there was anything particularly dangerous about the place….except at the end of course…I was transferring out of there when all hell broke loose…..k

  3. I am glad they are okay… I would only take a trip like that with an experienced local guide.

  4. Kris: Ah, I remember when all hell was breaking loose. (I remember reading about it.)
    Lauren: Definitely, I would need a guide. And a small, hand-picked militia.

  5. Why would anyone think that State would help an American citizen after Benghazi?
    It will get better now that Kerry, a Vietnam veteran, is in charge. NOT!

    1. I have a terrible premonition about John Kerry…I don’t think things will end well for him…I guess we’ll see though…k

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