Major Peter J. Munson and Our Inner Go

From Major Peter J. Munson, United States Marine Corps: After the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, the United States sent its military off to war and fretted about post-traumatic stress disorder — but paid little attention to the fact that America itself was traumatized. Americans became angry and withdrawn. We are fearful and paranoid because after a strike on our nation we chose to focus on defense rather than the resilience and vitality that made America great. In our defensive mind-set, we bristle at every change in a world undergoing an epochal transformation.

We have little reason to be so negative. Certainly the rest of the world is gaining on us, but this represents the success of explicit U.S. policies. After World War II, the United States sought to create a world of economic interdependence and prosperity, hoping to banish the malaise that helped precipitate a global conflict. The prospect of rapid growth in the developing world was not viewed as a threat but rather offered the promise of robust markets for American goods and ingenuity. We were confident and focused on the positive tasks of expanding our economy rather than fearing change.

Collectively, we have lost that positivity — what historian Louis Mumford called an “inner go.”

Have we lost our inner go?

3 thoughts on “Major Peter J. Munson and Our Inner Go”

  1. Having read the article in full I find myself biting my tongue (the modern day equivalent would be to say); my fingers are hovering over the key board, whilst I fight the urge to write an epic comment!

    Instead; I will make a pot of tea, and watch a western gale batter up against my window… At least the sun is shining brightly.

    Yours Aye.

  2. This is the sign of a person who has for all practical purposes decided not to enter into the conversation at all; what are we to do Major, when we have the powers that be willing to dismantle our military and a lot of other things behind the scenes that ultimately destroy American exceptionalism? I can’t help but feel this man is giving up and relenting to those would destroy our spirit….that cannot be….and won’t….not from here….k

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