RIP Chris Kyle

Chris Kyle was both a Navy SEAL and someone who offered tremendous assistance to his fellow vets. And a soon-to-be-undoubtedly-dealt-with man named Eddie Routh killed him at the gun range. God bless you, Chris. (Hand Salute: Coffeypot)

13 thoughts on “RIP Chris Kyle”

  1. i found it extremely shocking myself….such a waste and too young…he had much more to offer our country in it’s time of need….and we’ll be needing more like him as time progresses….k

  2. Life is the most precious thing we posses, and to hear of the loss under such circumstances makes it even more so difficult to understand; the answer to the question why would be far beyond my comprehension.

    Yours Aye.

    1. Navy One, did you hear what Ron Paul said about this man’s death??? Something about living by the sword, dying by it…I’m not into political correctness but this smacked of gross insensitivity….and he’s a Texas guy….k

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