Qaher-313, Inbound

Qaher-313 is a fully indigenous aircraft designed and built by our aerospace experts. This is a radar-evading plane that can fly at low altitude, carry weapons, engage enemy aircrafts and land at short airstrips, Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi said. Except it looks like an F-5 and uses parts from foreign companies. Other than that, it is indigenous.

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  1. Which reminds me: If I remember correctly, a U.S. drone crashed in Iran months ago (a year ago?). Our Prez politely requested its return to us (ah, if only courtesy would result in your sworn enemy to do you a favorr). Naturally, the request was ignored. Reports were that reverse engineering was performed on it by Iran as well as Chinese and North Koreans. Shouldn’t the drone have been destroyed by us?

  2. That’s true Clark; far be it from me to point out that a self-destruct would be something our own technology is capable without allowing our sworn enemies to get a look at it…I understand very little of this type of engineering but it seems to me, that would be the first thing to take into consideration …but our current CIC thinks the best of an enemy and the worst of his political adversaries….how is that for irony and sarcasm??……along with contradiction and hypocrisy…..k

  3. Clark: We most assuredly should have destroyed that thing.
    Kris: Agreed. It is not hard to send a missile down there, but it is sovereign soil.

  4. Provide your enemy with your ‘best’ equipment surreptitiously, and allow them your trade secrets in the hope that they will copy and use the same.

    Keep your true secrets secret, as only you know what will defeat what you supplied.

    Yours Aye.

  5. To Ex Bootneck and to Kris:

    Ex Bootneck,
    This letting our “best” equipment fall into our enemies’ hands is good advice, and sounds something like what the ancient Chinese expert on war (can’t think of his name right now, Someting Tzu?) would say. I sincerely hope that is what we are doing, but I don’t know.

    Hi Kris,
    What you say about our CIC thinking the best of our enemies and the worst of our friends is clearly and terribly true. I can’t help feeling that it’s not stupidity, but that he knows exactly what he is doing. He is isolating us from our friends (or perhaps it would be better to say, he’s leaving our friends in harm’s way) and weakening us in every way (economically, diplomatically, militarily, and setting one segment of our population against the other), and strengthening our enemies. He’s setting us up for destruction. Just like he set up the ambassador and the other Americans in Benghazi. I know this sounds like the ravings of a mad conspiracy theorist, but one would have to be blind not to see it.
    Best wishes,

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