Obama Gun Photo?

Far from me to criticize the CINC, and I am not a skeet shooter, but does not the gun have to be raised up to be shooting skeet?

The White House released this picture, taken on Aug. 4, of the president skeet shooting after skeptics questioned Mr Obama's claim that he enjoyed shooting at Camp David
The White House released this picture, taken on Aug. 4, of the president skeet shooting after skeptics questioned Mr Obama’s claim that he enjoyed shooting at Camp David.

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  1. I don’t shoot shotguns a bunch, but in addition to your question about the direction he has it pointed, I wonder what is that poof of smoke out the side of the barrel?

  2. Count me a sceptic still…yeah, Navy One, you’re right…those who shoot skeet claim it is reflective of a bird in the air and on the wing….we used to have one of those machines that did that…back in the day….k

  3. I call BS on this… One shot at a target with what looks like about $8K worth of competition Benelli shotty… And yes it does have a compensated barrel.

  4. His whole stance is incorrect for shooting clay’s, he is not leaning ‘into it’ to compensate for the kick, which on two shots makes a big difference even with a compensated barrel.

    In this shot there appears to be no recoil what so ever, and holding the gun in this fashion shows he is NOT expecting recoil?
    (I would even go so far as to say that he is firing with ‘reduced load’ training shells, designed especially for pure novices to get used to handling the weapon as well as the noise).

    The butt of the gun is riding high in his shoulder, and his right hand has adopted a classic violin pose on a short stock, which shows the gun is far too short for him throwing his balance out completely. I will guarantee he will not hit a clay disc with the weapon he is using as his line of shot to target will be way out.
    (He has wide shoulders and that combined with a short stock will put him feet away from the point of shot on target).

    His apparent awkwardness is also attributed to the fact that he is LEFT handed, and it is more than likely he has been coached by a right handed instructor.

    The Skeet machine can be programmed to release a high clay as well as a low flyer alternatively, which is to imitate the flight pattern of spooked game birds (one high one low). In this photograph he is firing a mid-direct line shot, which I think proves that it is very early days for this man to say he shoots Skeet all of the time!

    I would think he is being instructed ‘prior’ to being released under his own steam; if this is the best/only picture of him being released using a gun, then it shows he was not up to it and went back to his golf buggy.

    Incidentally I do not think I have ever witnessed a President and First Lady to place their left hands to salute the flag in such a way?


    And as we who have served know, it is a requirement of those in such a position to salute using the right hand only, no dispensation is granted other wise!

    Yours Aye.

  5. I never really thought about it but neither of them have any notion how to do anything involving loyalty to America or any country for that matter…it is always standard practice you place your hand on your heart (the heart is on the left side of the human body); and there’s only one way to do that…doesn’t anyone tell them this or is everyone too scared to inform them of their own lack of knowledge? Or maybe they’re just scared of Valerie Jarrett…now that woman is one scary lady….k

      1. Struan…

        Sunday morning full english breakfast is a tradition in my home; my castle. It is the one morning breakfast I look forward to as I sit and read the morning newspapers undisturbed in absolute silence.
        (Each week day in winter I start it with scots porridge oats, toast and a pot of the finest tea).

        I will now forgo my full english as a reminder of the stupidity of your America’s CinC, and the chain of command that has let the boots on the ground down badly.

        They should hang their heads in absolute shame!


        1. Stout fellow, Laddie.
          We’ve (The West) lost the meaning of “sacrifice.” Thanks for reminding me. Americans miss lunch and think that’s hunger.
          As Oscar Wilde nailed it (in that posh and privileged Victorian/ Oxford accent, oozing with lese majeste – “Oh, duty is what one expects from others, it is not what one does oneself.”

          (Scot’s oats in the cupboard, rashers in waiting, kettle on the boil. I’ll join you in forebearance.)

  6. REG: I’ve seen that before, I forget what it means. But Cargosquid does.
    Cargosquid: Good stuff, thanks. I hope he is not over-compensating.
    Kris: You a skeptic? Never!
    Clark: Haha! Good point.
    Struan: Sheet! (That is a scary link on b’fast. Thanks for the share.)
    Old NFO: If anyone would know. Thanks for the gouge.
    EB: Wow, if that is real, that is very disappointing. Good point, too, on the left-hand.

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