Jesse Heiman Plays Bar Refaeli for the Super Bowl

model Bar Refaeli kisses Jesse Heiman Super-genius Jesse Heiman is in a Super Bowl ad for Go Daddy. In it, ol’ Jess kisses supermodel Bar Refaeli. And it took 65 takes. Haha, well played Jesse. 65 takes!

5 thoughts on “Jesse Heiman Plays Bar Refaeli for the Super Bowl”

  1. Watching that Advert all the way through was as difficult as pushing an elephant up a flight of stairs!

    Some things are so wrong, wrong I tell you…

    Now I need kitchen gloves and a double dose of mind bleach!

    Yours Aye.

  2. I wandered in and out of the living room while this was going on and because I was suffering the travails of the sick, I didn’t pay any attention….I already am nauseated, why would I need more barf producing stuff to look at??….k

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