Matt Farmer, Military Faker

I don’t understand military fakers. Many of them actually served in the armed forces, but choose to embellish their contributions. There are whole websites dedicated to rooting out their fakery. Matt Farmer, an American Idol contestant, was hit by an improvised explosive device (IED) in Iraq. Or so he claimed. Once he put out that sob story and how it affected his life and his daughter, Cadence, Soldiers who served with Mr. Farmer leapt into action. They worked with Guardian Of Valor to debunk the ex-Soldier’s story. And presto, he is no longer on American Idol.

5 thoughts on “Matt Farmer, Military Faker”

  1. So this guy goes on national TV and tells ‘porkie pies’ about his time in the military without even considering the consequences?

    He will fit right in with Celebrity Land!

    Yours Aye.

  2. There are consequences even though it has been ruled as free speech….lies are still lies at the end of the day…k

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