Tom Lopez, Rocky Mountain High School Principal, Says

أتعهد بالولاء لعلم الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية، وجمهورية التي تمثلها، واحدة الأمة في ظل الله، لا تتجزأ، مع الحرية والعدالة للجميع.

9 thoughts on “Tom Lopez, Rocky Mountain High School Principal, Says”

  1. I gotta say, I don’t really have a huge problem with this. The article indicated they said it French and Spanish as well. I’d have a big issue if they only did it in Arabic, or another other single language, or if they recited some other pledge in any language but the Pledge of Allegiance? Knock yourself out. Just say it and don’t change the words.

  2. Read “The Fall of Rome ” by R.A Lafferty, Six. Might have a problem with it then.

  3. Good news! There allowed to say the Pledge of Allegiance in an American school.
    Bad news! Once a week.
    This flamingliberalteacher (that is one word) should go to a rag head country and say the Pledge in English. Take pictures.

    1. He might never be allowed back if he did that…I have a problem with it and particularly with our politically correct and multicultural diverse society….it is not perceived as a good or positive thing and inclusive…because at the end of the day that’s all there will be..and that’s the real problem….after it is decided that all Americans are racist bigot homophobes there will be a need to eliminate them in their entirety….k

  4. Studying cultures, learning languages – no problema. Of course, part of our American culture is our Christian background (pilgrims, laws, etc) but if you teach those things, you might lose your job.

  5. I won’t say I have humongous problem with this, considering the other languages. But don’t forget, the word for God is Allah. And Allah is in the above pledge. And certain folks might think different of it than we do. . .

    1. You see, Navy One that definition remains simplistic…Allah, and this is according to someone who knows was originally one of the hundreds of desert gods that were plentiful and abounded in the Middle East fourteen centuries ago when Mohammed came on the scene…Mohammed chose this particular god out of those hundreds….he was not Yaweh, Jehovah or even Zoroaster or any of the other names for gods …so anyone thinking Allah is the same as God is profoundly mistaken…it isn’t…k

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