He Misspoke about Jihad Makdissi

Be careful what you say to the press, be extra careful what you say to CNN. Take the case of Jihad Makdissi, a Syrian spokesman: The mystery of Makdissi’s whereabouts got a boost in the last few days after U.S. envoy to Syria Robert Ford told CNN that the former Syrian official “has fled to the U.S. as a refugee,” only to be contradicted by the State Department hours later reiterating that “Makdissi is not in the United States and Ambassador Ford misspoke.” Ah, yes. He misspoke. Roger. . .

3 thoughts on “He Misspoke about Jihad Makdissi”

  1. Plant mis-information within a weak link at a senior level, then when the story breaks deny it right through to the top tier.

    If the mis-information concerns an individual from a hostile foreign power, then you have sown the seed of doubt amongst the individuals associates, thus weakening that persons position. That same person will want to become your friend ‘oh so quickly’.

    If that person belongs to a dictatorship and they decide to sit it out, they will soon find a chair at a table not of their choice!

    Yours Aye.

  2. Kris: Good question, I bet Jihad is going to disappear. Mr. Ford is probably more secure.
    EB: I strongly wish that is the case. The worst case scenario is that Mr. Ford had a big mouth. . .

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