Kids Hanging in Uerto Princesa City

7 thoughts on “Kids Hanging in Uerto Princesa City

  1. SeaBees – Can Do. All that needs to be said. Trade a bulldozer for a bottle of hootch in a combat zone. Some of the best Navy personell I’ve ever known.

    • Some great Americans. I’ve known a couple of folks who cross-rated from their community into ours and they are great.

  2. Seabees “Can Do”

    When we were relieving MNCB 5….every deployment in the `80s… we decided their motto was FILIFOTT- (f&ck it leave it for One Thirty Three) because of the rework we’d have to do-including breaking down walls because the only conduit was at the top of the wall and 4-s boxes they had to put into core-filled CMU walls and the scrap wire they put in the boxes to look like it was pulled.

    ..Which is probably why we got 6+ “Best of type” and Pellitetirr awards in the five years I was there.

  3. See! They even have their own language. Now – if they could only shoot. ~)

    SeaBees were laying an airstrip on one end of Henderson Field on Guadalcanal while the Marines were still fighting for the other end.

    Hand Salute!

  4. Kurt: Sounds like you were in a good unit. I’ve been in good ones and poor ones. Each has its own reward.
    Struan: Hand salute is right!

  5. That is a great picture. SeaBees are amazing. You know, I have some work that needs doing here on the Lazy B, maybe I could get a SeaBee to drop by.

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