Golfing with Guns

If you are in Las Vegas, you must go skeet golfing at the Clark County Shooting Complex. Just make sure you are not taking isolated humulones and their derivatives. (And by skeet, I mean sporting clays.)

9 thoughts on “Golfing with Guns”

  1. Gee, you are just full of great ideas. It is a good thing my husband does not read this blog. Drinking beer and shooting guns sounds like a day at the Lazy B, well, maybe one or the other at one time. – not necessarily together…

  2. Lou: I am strongly considering renouncing my amateur blogging status! The Lazy B sounds like a great place.
    EB: I know. I wish I had one around the corner. Well, not ’round the corner, but in town!

    1. Serious question!

      If I were to reside in the US as an applicant for citizenship; how long would I have to wait to apply for a weapons permit?


  3. NavyOne very many thanks for the link, which has answered my question.

    Kristen I do intend to visit the Lone Star State this year some time.

    I am seriously researching possibilities for the not to distant future.


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