All Is Fair in Blogging and Jihad

Sohail Husain quotes English poet John Lyly in his article on jihad. All is fair in love and war. And then he goes on to deny jihad is a holy war. Um, Dr. Husain, you probably chose the wrong quote to try to convince us of that:

First, a clarification: The Arabic word “jihad” does not equate to the oxymoron “holy war.” Nothing is holy about war. Jihad is actually a constant inner struggle to be a better person. As a physician, for example, my jihad is to treat my patients in the most compassionate manner.

Flag of Jihad 1

Can jihad ever be used to justify war? Only in a very narrow sense: The fact is that throughout his lifetime, the founder of Islam, the Prophet Muhammad, sought to avoid war. In the first 13 years of his ministry, he and his followers were persecuted in their hometown of Mecca for belief in the unity of God. Many of them were brutally tortured.

Ach, there we go with that My Jihad bit again. I don’t doubt that Dr. Husain is a good doctor considering his training. But he needs to tell the terrorists to stop using the j word. Telling us what it means does no good when we see evidence to the contrary.

5 thoughts on “All Is Fair in Blogging and Jihad”

  1. Muhammed was certainly a person who went to very many wars, especially for being a man doing his utmost to avoid them. I wonder why he was forced to execute prisoners, seeing how peaceful he tried to be…

  2. And beheading was his execution of choice as I have noticed…for both infidels and apostates…and we have seen the fourteen century history of over 100 million dead at the hands of ‘Muslim’ jihadis…and most of them are other Muslims who developed over two hundred offshoots of Islam in various sects. They haven’t got the most positive of histories and their true colors show up in countries where they rape women, execute Christians and Jews, honor killings, female genital mutilation and pedophilia just to name a few of their horrific behavior and attitudes towards those who don’t bow down to them,….ask Europeans how it’s going after they took in all these people decades ago? I wouldn’t like to go to Europe now considering what these immigrants who insist on partaking of the public dole while they have been there and it’s become a habit..,.but I’m just an ‘ignorant’ American….certainly not former SecState Hillary Clinton who has accepted their money (or is it Bill?) and other rather dubious activities while in that office (do I hear Huma?)…k

  3. Anthony: Who he was historically and who he was in the religious text might not be the same.
    Kris: 100 million killed? I was not aware it was that high.

    1. Yes, Navy One…in fourteen centuries that’s small change…communists around the world have done that and more in under a century…probably twice that number when you consider Russia, China, Cuba, certain countries in South America, North Korea, Cambodia, Africa and on and on…just think how many people have died thanks to abortion (another communist and racist notion straight from Margaret Sanger)…that would be 55 million…just here in the US…makes slavery almost least the Obama version of it (redistribution)….just a random thought before it becomes illegal to say such things…k

      1. And one other thing, N1….the term, at least what Muslims say is God (Allah) (Allahu Akbar) is great, in Arabic is a lie…it really is Allah is the greatest and means he’s greater than the Jewish/Christian God…as someone who has studied Arabic you of all people should be aware of this…and then again from someone in a position to know…it’s the only reason I know it…we know it’s a lie…we need to be armed with the truth….k

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