Maxing Out with Princess Maxima

Anyone named Princess Maxima is okay in my book. (A picture of the maxed-out one with her navally husband, Prince Willem-Alexander) The Princess, the former Maxima Zorreguieta, will soon be Queen of her country and her husband King. A whispered rumor is that they two went dutch on their first date. (Be careful, don’t call her Nissan. It irks her.)

8 thoughts on “Maxing Out with Princess Maxima”

  1. I saw a few days ago Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands is abdicating in favor of her eldest son, Crown Prince Willem Alexander…his wife, the lovely Maxima is from Argentina originally…they have three daughters…something undoubtedly Prince Charles of Britain would love to see but won’t and not from his own mother…most European royalty is related to each other even down to the aristocrats…there may be a relation here…I wonder what the ceremony will be like and who will be attending….just a thought…k

    1. Foggy Bottom must be puddlin’ their Pampers over who to send? What level protocol demands attend the attendance of a Royal wedding of one’s ostensible allies? Hillary can’t go PAR-tee with all her health probs. Who do Marxists send to a monarchial dynastic marriage? Oil & water – non? ET VOILA! Lounge Lizard extraordinare, Monsieur Jon Le Kerrey. Perfect SecState to represent the Obama Admin.

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