Crowning the Clowns

Who is this clown and why is he smiling? And since when do we crown our clowns?

American Kennel Club's annual ranking of most popular dog breeds on Wednesday showed Labradors

 22 years as America’s favorite. Now that is something.

9 thoughts on “Crowning the Clowns”

  1. Labs are a favorite in my family. When I was 5 our yellow Lab gave birth to 12 Labrador pups. For a couple of months it was puppy mayhem around the house until we adopted them out. Great memories.

  2. Well of course. And now, with my trusty and handy universal dog decoder mechanism we can take a peek into the thoughts of America’s Favorite dog in an exclusive Mellow Jihadi interview. Ready? Ok, I’ll let Angus take it from here.

    “Throwtheball! Canwegointhecarnow? Isthatacookie? Icanhaveit? YoulovemeJoy!!!!!! Iloveyoujoy! Throwtheball! ThrowTheBall! THROWTHEBALL!!!! Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease! WhatwasthatIthinkitwasastrangerbutwhatifitwasaSQUIRREL!? CanIeatthat? Areyougoingtoeatthat? I’mgonnaeatthat! CatpoopohJoy!!

    And there you have it folks. A peek into the mind of a Labrador retriever. Now if you’ll excuse me we have to go. Oprah is calling don’t you know.

    Let’s go Angus. Hey, stop that! Wait! No, don’t eat that! Spit it out, spit it out, for the love of God spit it out! Is it? It is! Ewwwww, gross! Don’t lick my face. Aiiieeee!!

    Ah, the joys of Lab ownership :)

  3. Lauren: Why thank you! (Unless you were being sarcastic! Ah well, maybe I deserved it.)
    Six: Hahaha, I wuv it! The thing with labs is their tail is like a whip. They are just great animals.

    1. I wasn’t being sarcastic…I LOL’d when I read your comment because it was so funny….to me at least. : )

  4. Several years ago my family gathered for Thanksgiving – my dad was dying of cancer and it was our last time together as a family. We stayed up late one night watching TV, when the Miss Dog Pageant came on. We had a great time picking out our favorite contestant. We thought the Border Collie should have won, but it went to the Golden Retriever. The Jack Russell was great too. It will always be a great memory of family time.

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