Jack Andraka, Kid Genius

I was pre-med for two difficult years in college. I finished most of the curriculum, including the doozies like Organic Chem and College Calculus, but my heart was not in it. And I ended up graduating with a Political Science degree. There are folks, fortunately, whose heart is in the medical field. Jack Andraka is still in high school and the kid genius just struck gold:

Jack Andraka
Jack Andraka

15-year-old Jack Andraka, it’s par for the course. The high school sophomore recently developed a revolutionary new test for early-stage pancreatic cancer. This, before he could legally drive a car.

This past December, Andraka won Intel’s prestigious Gordon E. Moore Award along with other top honors at the corporation’s annual Science and Engineering Fair, the world’s largest high school research and science competition. Jack Andraka created a simple dip-stick sensor to test for levels of mesothelin, which is a biomarker for early-stage pancreatic cancer that’s found in blood and urine. The method is similar to diabetic testing strips, utilizing just a pinprick of blood and costing all of three cents to make.

Three cents? I like this kid (genius.) Cancer is a scourge that needs elimination.

8 thoughts on “Jack Andraka, Kid Genius”

  1. Hmm, all that money we give to cancer research…and this kid does his research for free. May he get a great scholarship and do great things in life!

  2. As the great mathematician and philosopher Alfred North Whitehead said;
    “Simple solutions seldom are. It takes a very unusual mind to undertake analysis of the obvious”.

    Young Jack Andraka is stepping forward in the right direction, lets hope that some one invests into his future, the returns will benefit every one.

    Yours Aye.

  3. There is still hope for America if there are geniuses like this young man out there…such young ones stand out…may God protect them and us…k

  4. Oxymoron Alert! “Political Science!” How much “science” is there is political machinations? Ya’ just follow the money. I’ll leave it to the great P.J. O”Rourke –

    “When buying and selling are controlled by legislation, the first things to be bought and sold are legislators.”

  5. EB: Great quote on “simple solutions.” And I think young Jack will get some serious funding going his way.
    Kris: So true. I wish him well. . .
    Struan: Haha, guilty as charged!

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