Harold Drake Dies

Great American, Harold A. Drake, who served in artillery (at Heartbreak Ridge) and worked at the Stars and Stripes for more than forty years passed away at 83. A hearty taps and a reverent RIP goes out to this great reporter.

2 thoughts on “Harold Drake Dies”

  1. The Artillery (aka, ‘drop short’) always receive stick about being ‘long range snipers’ sitting way back 20k in the rear, but that is not always the case. When they are required I know they dig out blind to give supporting fire what ever the weather or the circumstances may be.

    Over ten thousand tons of munitions were dropped on and around Heartbreak Ridge, the resulting fire missions saving many US & French lives.

    The Artillery are a great friend and a deadly foe; and for those deadly accurate Artillerymen such as Harold Drake, I proudly doff my cap.

    Yours Aye.

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