Tres Burritos

Sarita's Taco ShopTwo weeks ago, my boss told me I was looking gaunt. And he suggested I go to Medical. I laughed it off. Maybe I had pt’d too much, but I doubt it. Even so, folks around the office may have taken notice because last week, I was gifted with THREE BURRITOS!

It is a great feeling to come back from running around to meetings and find a burrito on your desk. The first one may not totally count as a gift. The salty folks in my cubicle have agreed to celebrate Wednesday morning with burritos. (Yes, I was the one who got my whole cubicle sick with the chorizo burritos. Except for one guy with an iron stomach.) So on Wednesday, I was “surprised” with a breakfast burrito from the Valero gas station out in Encinitas. Beans. Eggs. Potatoes. Cheese. The classics. Delicious.

Sarita's Surf and Turf burrito
Half a Sarita’s Surf and Turf burrito

And Thursday, one of the civilians, unbeknownst to me, left a two pound surf and turf burrito from Sarita’s Taco Shop on my desk. You have no idea how perfect it is. I ate it in two meals. Carne Asada and shrimp. There are great Americans and then there are great Americans and that civilian who bought me that baby is a great American.

On Friday, one of the contractors got me a Billy Bob burrito from the roach coach. Don’t freak out, Moody’s has some good food. A Billy Bob is gravy, egg, potato, and sausage. Kind of a southern thing mixed in with a Mexican cosa. Utterly outstanding.

Shall I talk about the chile rellano burrito I had today from Moody’s? I told the ladies at the roach coach it was so good, it should be illegal!

5 thoughts on “Tres Burritos”

  1. Have I lost you forever Navy One to a burrito? And I thought your first love was a bacon cheeseburger? Never to be interested in a chicken or beef fajita?? I am devastated and so depressed….how disappointing to realize you’ve lost that loving feeling…..k

  2. At my house, we eat most anything wrapped in a tortilla. One of the quickie favorites is a wienie, cheese, and green chilie (if you have it) – we call them Barker dogs. For the professional burritos, try Monte’s Chow Cart in Taos, NM, for a great breakfast burrito. And the best all around burrito is at Sevi’s in Wichita Falls, TX – I like the barbacoa, beans, and potatoes. It would make two meals for me.

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