Short Skirts Risk Rape?

Before you get yer knickers all knackered up over the short skirts risk rape comment, know that Tory MP Richard Graham was referring to women being able to get away from their attackers: If you are a young woman on her own trying to walk back home through a park early in the morning in a tight, short skirt and high shoes and there’s a predator… if you are blind drunk wearing those clothes, how able are you to get away? I am going to go old-school and say, be careful what you wear both for reasons of mobility like the MP mentioned above and the very un-pc reason of avoiding unnecessary attention. I wish it weren’t so, that anyone could wear anything and they would be left alone. But reality is reality. (I think I almost sound Muslim in my thought pattern. I am just trying to be real.)

8 thoughts on “Short Skirts Risk Rape?”

  1. Rape is not about short skirts or dressing sexy. It is about power and hate. Short skits may get a woman some unwanted comments, and that is natural in us neanderthals. But those same men who would leer and make sexual comments would protect her from a rapist.

    1. I know I’ve heard that before, but I still would caution any women about dressing too provocatively. I’ve been to many frat parties, known many dogs, etc. I wish it weren’t so. And maybe I am totally wrong, but I strongly believe that element to exist. (For example, I would not encourage a mini-skirted woman to walk in certain neighborhoods at night. . .)

  2. I agree with you, NO. There are different types of rape. It is about hate and power, but sometimes it starts with misunderstanding. I have read of old women in their homes getting raped by an intruder. But there are more and more rapes of women who go out to party and get themselves in a situation that could have been avoided. I know rape is rape, and I, too, wish women could wear and do anything they want. Unfortunately, they often give off mixed signals and sometimes they are mixed-up themselves.

  3. Let’s just say there’s “a young woman on her own trying to walk back home through a park early in the morning in a tight, short skirt and high shoes and there’s a predator…” There’s one more thing she could wear that would keep her safe – a Glock. In a sane society, one where the “predator” doesn’t know who’s armed and who isn’t, it’s much more likely that, indeed, anyone could wear anything and they would be left alone.

  4. What exactly did you read, Navy One that brought this to mind? Across the Pond, in Britain, there are roving gangs of young Muslim men who ‘patrol’ the streets in ‘Muslim’ only areas and they attack (that’s the correct word, I’d say) young women who inadvertently wander into these ‘no-go’ zones….this has been going on in France as well and those young Muslim men are burning cars while on their rampages….and fyi there are young women (young teenagers)who get kidnapped and are forced into having sex and resultantly are raped ….you could say that just because these young girls are wearing provocative clothes according to these hateful young men (as Lou pointed out), they are deserving of whatever treatment they receive. I find that particular reasoning flawed and faulty, but that’s just me….and as we may or may not know, the Muslim (Saudi Arabian) slave trade is alive and well over in Europe and I’d say there might even be more of it developing here in the United States…but that’s Islam, isn’t it….not a pretty picture from that point of view…just to let you know….k

  5. Lou: I wish it weren’t so, but I would gently caution any female friend of mine to be careful. (And I would add what The infidel said above. Buy a gun.)
    The infidel: Well put.
    Kris: I was thinking of the imam in Australia who said women at the beach were “uncovered meat.”

    1. Well, N1, don’t imams say such things all the time? I mean really…fourteen hundred years and you’d think there would be some originality….these people are sick and have much the same attitude and behavior of the psychotic and they like little boys and girls (you know, pedophilia)…I understand standards but the ‘religion of peace’ is not well known for its tolerance is it?? It is after all not just a religion, it encompasses, faith, militarism, culture and the law in one neat little fascist (or national socialist) package….k

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