Randy Quaid Denied!

Randy Quaid denied
Randy Quaid denied

My shipmate, ol’ Randy Quaid has officially been denied the ability to maintain a permanent resident status in the great north, otherwise known as Canada. His argument was that there are various “star-whackers” who kill Hollywood actors:

U.S. actor Randy Quaid will have to deal with “Hollywood star-whackers.”

Canadian immigration officials have denied Quaid’s request for permanent resident status in Canada, a Canadian government official confirmed late Saturday, Jan. 26, according to a Jan. 27 USA Today report.

According to the paper, a Canadian government official speaking anonymously confirmed that Quaid’s request was denied, but that Quaid can appeal the decision to the federal court.

Come on home, Randy!

7 thoughts on “Randy Quaid Denied!”

  1. Well now, let me see. How many stars have been ‘wracked’ in the last few years? Counting those who need to be…NONE!

    Come on, Rand. You can do better than that.

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