Why You’re Not A Leader

Uh oh, this feels remarkably apt for the military: Everybody thinks they’re a leader – most are far from it. The harsh reality is that we live in a world awash with wannabe leaders. As much as some don’t want to admit it, not everyone can or should become a leader.
The truth is, you have to know who you are and where your strengths lie. I’ll forgive any boss and follow him/her loyally (even if they are not a leader) provided they have a clear vision and treat their people well. Of course, I’ve followed wannabes before and tried to do damage control on the swaths of destruction they’ve left. It is not fun. . .

4 thoughts on “Why You’re Not A Leader”

  1. Closely related to this, NavyOne, is that I’ve found that the more important a person really is (I’m not talking about politics’ that’s a whole different animal), the more gracious he/she is to others, including those who are not important at all. On the other hand, those who are really small people, people who would like to be important (wannabees) are usually dismissive of or condescending to those they consider their “inferiors” while sucking up to those who can profit them.

    1. Everyone is a human being. You can learn something from everyone. I’ve been at the bottom and the top, both have their highs and lows. At my current job, I have the least rank of any of the officers. It sort of is refreshing in an odd way. My last billet, I was one of the higher ranking guys. . .

    2. You have a point, Clark…while I served, I found myself a much better follower than a leader…so when I did lead, following the rules and orders were as second nature to me…anyone I directed, I informed them of this; those who don’t rely on commonsense and a sense of honor have no place with me. Most of us, or at least while I was out there understood the nature of honor, of keeping your word and doing these things as a team with a united sense of accomplishment. Today it is difficult to understand those who haven’t a well-developed sense of this because this remains who you are….you, your word and your honor are all that separates us from animals….there are a lot of other more definitive things separating humans from animals but this particular trait is something that makes us human beings….k

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