Laser Tag Secrets

Slip this in the “don’t tell our enemies” file: Army Staff Sgt. Patrick Jenkins plays at Tac-Ops Laser Tag in Central California at least once a week. As do (wow) many of our Soldiers?

3 thoughts on “Laser Tag Secrets”

  1. We have a lot of young friends who are very in to paintball. They actually go to a big WWII type reenactment and spend a whole weekend playing war games with other paintball people. I think laser tag would hurt a lot less.

  2. For active service members I personally think this kind of ‘game’ just brings in a sense of unreality, though it can be used as a tactical aid prior to conducting live rangework.

    Range work and close combat shooting with live ammunition is the true way for hand to eye co-ordination.
    (How many extremists have you seen lately with paint splash on their clothes)?

    Yours Aye.

  3. Lou: I’ve played both. And both are fun. Although paintball feels more realistic.
    EB: They actually had some jihadis practicing paintball in New York state! No word on laser tag. . .

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