Both Hospitalized for Health Reasons

Two stars are in the news due to hospitalization. Neither is particularly newsworthy, but certain facts about each surprised me. Burt Reynolds is in the ICU for flu-like symptoms. And the article revealed that he once was part of the Gunsmoke cast. Really? News to me. The British singer Morrissey was also hospitalized, due to a stomach ailment. His singing is grating, but according to this blurb, he has a song titled: Irish Blood, English Heart. Hmm, is that saying what I think it is? I wonder if he had the nerve to put that tune out during the troubles. . .

7 thoughts on “Both Hospitalized for Health Reasons”

  1. Burt Reynolds has had some serious medical problems…I recall some years back he was seriously ill and there were some who conjectured he was heading for that ‘dirt nap’….sorry I’m the one who said it but after he was released from his last bout with whatever it was, he looked gaunt and as if he was on the final leg of his journey on Earth…these cases of flu-like symptoms are an indication of larger things wrong with our medical community …k

  2. I knew Burt was the blacksmith, but I was just a baby at that time of Gunsmoke. I get his character mixed up with Newly, played by Buck Taylor. I also get Chester and Festus confused, although I know the difference between Dennis Weaver and Ken Curtis.

  3. I spend a ridiculous amount of time watching the Encore Westerns channel. Burt plays a blacksmith as noted in the previous posts. He is the half-breed in the diaspora of the show. He also fills the roll as the “desperate guy who’ll do anything for money”. Whenever they need to have a “guide” or “tracker” Burt is volunteered by Marshall Dillon.

    The more I watch the show Marshall Dillon is more like an overlord than a Marshall. In one episode he told a guy who was not taking care of his family very well to, “put the new 30$ boots back or I’ll take you in”. He later shot the guy in a saloon, freeing his poor wife to adopt a baby and go live with an elderly matriarch named “Ma”.
    Cows and Cribs.

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