Egypt as Haiti

EgyptThis Forbes article purports that Egypt is fast becoming the Middle Eastern version of Haiti. There are many economic similarities, but the latter has voodoo, you know that chicken bone, pin-dolly religion that is vaguely creepy. And I can’t think of anything analogous in Cairo, or Cai-ruh-roh as it is known locally. The folks there are all so normal and neighborly.

3 thoughts on “Egypt as Haiti”

  1. Why do the locals always screw up a good name? And I’m still having a hard time deciding if you say it, Kay Ro or Kie Ro. Now this? Much like Houston. Is it House Ton or Huse Ton? Does it depend on how wealth or educated you are…snobbery if you please?

  2. This is the place where Muslims (and here we go again – you can always depend on them for sinking to the lowest depths of depravity and going for complete ignorance) are attempting to pursue their agenda of destroying historical Egypt and its archeological sites such as the Pyramids, etc…..Egypt was one of the original countries who adopted Coptic Christianity as their major religion along with Judaism…until Mohammed and Islam intruded…and we have a cult of death trying to deny that Christians and Jews even exist in Muslim all out attempts at destroying them…when it comes to evil, you don’t need to go very far…k

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