Our buddies at FEMEN may not be aware of the irony in invading Davos like this: Three women angry over sexism and male domination of the world economy ripped off their shirts and tried to force their way into a gathering of corporate elites in a Swiss resort. 

6 thoughts on “Angry FEMEN”

  1. The prescient Ayn Rand. Even then. –
    “Denouncing masculine oppression, Women’s Lib screams protests against the policy of regarding women as “sex objects”— through speakers who, too obviously, are in no such danger.”

  2. In light of this, it’s always interesting to note how far into obscurity leftists (and they all are) continue to make themselves when they demonstrate their own frustrations on the world…women in most societies stand up when they perceive their rights as human beings are being infringed…and rarely do they do it in the less free authoritarian cultures we see in the Middle East for instance…and the same can be said of any socialist/communist styled culture elsewhere…citizens of these countries have little time for anything other than survival….k

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