Alleged Racism at American Idol?

Nicki Minaj, American Idol
Nicki Minaj, American Idol

Racism is a serious charge. When I was a Second-Class Petty Officer, I once complained to a Master Chief that a Navy training class we had to complete on-line portrayed all the “evil-doers” as leering white guys. And all the victims were “women of color.” The training was on sexual assault and it seemed over the top. Most Sailors probably could care less, but I noticed it and made my point with the Master Chief (who was with the IG.) It was changed the next year. Maybe due to me pointing it out, maybe not.

Charges of racism are being levied at none other than American Idol. Nevermind Fantasia in Season 3 or Ruben Studdard and Jordin Sparks. Or the judges, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj.

The lawyer for the nine aggrieved contestants is named James Freeman and he has: submitted a letter to the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission asking for permission to sue the show on behalf of nine humiliated African-American contestants – all of them male. 

Humiliated is a strong word. But if humiliation is the litmus for suing a reality show, our courts are soon to be clogged. This is getting a lot of press. The term: American Idol alleged racism, is all over the Yahoo search engine.

23 thoughts on “Alleged Racism at American Idol?”

  1. I thought humiliation was the name of the game with American Idol. I have a young singer friend who tried out for The Voice. This girl has talent and she is beautiful, but not weird enough for those Hollywood types. They want drama.

  2. racism, rac·ism, noun.

    Def. – 1. The certain resultant response anytime a Liberal is losing an argument. 2. The causal blanket accusation anytime an entity does not cave in to Liberal demands. 3. The underlying Lberal view of the Constitution of the Unites States of America.

  3. Several thoughts come to mind…none of them proper for print. I think it’s silly how people get so excited about that show. I wouldn’t even watch until the last 2 weeks –after they get rid of the chaff and flotsam

  4. On the surface this looks like a ridiculous claim but attorneys have interesting ways of framing an argument so it might just turn into something…
    I think the “R” allegation is thrown around a little too casually these days.

  5. I just stopped watching the show after 2003. When I was in the barracks, we used to laugh at the first part of the show when the singers were terrible. The last part was usually much better. . .

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