Retail, Wholesale Guns

Gun Laws and the Fools of Chelm, by David Mamet: Many are opposed to private ownership of firearms, and their opposition comes under several heads. Their specific objections are answerable retail, but a wholesale response is that the Second Amendment guarantees the right of the citizens to keep and bear arms. On a lower level of abstraction, there are more than 2 million instances a year of the armed citizen deterring or stopping armed criminals; a number four times that of all crimes involving firearms.

7 thoughts on “Retail, Wholesale Guns”

  1. Great monograph by this Mamet guy. Great find, must read. This Jewish boy from Chicago has got a future in writing I’d say.

  2. Actually, the history of David Mamet is one of blatant liberalism, Struan…Mr. Mamet recently within the last few years stood up and proclaimed himself a former reformed liberal and now an outright conservative after watching the hypocrisy and lies of the left he so firmly believed in for these many decades…he has, like so many before him, discovered the left lives in a world of unworkable theories that never truly pan out in historical reality. And he decided to tell them so…the left, of course, if not disappointed has collectively chosen to ignore Mr. Mamet’s conversion and self-discovery…at least I’ve never heard anyone of note comment on his new found realization…..sadly, those true believers will never get it….nor in their own ignorance, will they even acknowledge one of their own has left them to founder on alone…..k

    1. I can see I’m going to have to denote my cynical, acidic, old school Chicago sarcasm (/s/) in the future. Doesn’t always translate well in this comm medium.

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