Menu with $110 Dirt

Certain ships and Navy galleys have terrible food (as in: don’t eat the mystery meat.) Although every Navy galley I’ve eaten in has never stooped as far as this French restaurant in Tokyo (in the Gotanda district) called Ne Quittez Pas. The place is offering a meal cooked with dirt. You read that right, dirt. Actual dishes: a potato starch and dirt soup, salad with dirt dressing, dirt ice cream, a dirt gratin, and dirt mint tea. The dirt was supplied by a company called Protoleaf. I think I’ll go to them direct. . .

7 thoughts on “Menu with $110 Dirt”

  1. Nothing new at my barbecue’s, I always drop some thing fall on the floor whilst I am grilling, quick sleight of hand and a brush against my cloth, and away we go back on the grill.

    Yours Aye.

      1. I have two redfyre BBQ’s one for carnivore’s and one for friends who are vegetarians (never the twain shall meat)!

        I have been known to ‘grill cheat’ on a ‘George Forman family sized grill, especially when a small gathering turns into feeding the five thousand…

        Never a drop in standards though Kristen, (and I will take my sweet chili sauce recipe to the grave).


        1. For grilling El Tees, I suggest fattening them up for about twenty years with Kobe beef. Also, you might want to consider getting some pleasant female volunteer to feed him various berries whilst fanning him with swan feathers.

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