The Bravery of Alaya Alani

The award for bravery in Africa surely must go to one Alaya Alani, a professor of history at Manouba University (located in Tunisia):

Alaya Alani, a professor of contemporary history at Manouba University, told Radio Tataouine that imams in mosques were encouraging Tunisian youths to participate in jihad in Mali and Syria.

He urged the government to put an end to this “indoctrination.”

Wow, look at how low the bar is set. That I consider merely speaking up as brave.

5 thoughts on “The Bravery of Alaya Alani”

  1. The Holy Quran’s teachings in it’s purest form teaches peace and harmony. There are many academic’s who speak out in such a way, sadly they are rarely heard.

    I greatly admire Professor Alaya Alani for having the heart to speak out against those that teach hatred such as the Imams. Academics are often viewed as traitors by the same Imams, as the academic’s views come direct from the page, and not a misinterpretation as the Imams give cause to.

    The Professor may well have made a lot of enemies within his own culture, but he has made friends within the civilised West.

    Yours Aye.

  2. Is it peace and love, Navy One when Islam’s adherents are so bound and determined to follow Mohammed right into pedophilia and the insanity of so many other of its precepts?? How much of humanity actually sees all the activities as the followers of Islam has advocated over the last fourteen centuries when over one hundred million have actually died because of Islam followed precisely from the Qur’an? Even though the Ba’hai originated from Islam, they deny they do and both Sunni and Shia deny it as well…not to mention their own persecution and executions of those committed to their own interpretations of their faith…k

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